Dog Holidays

Our Lovely Countryside Boarding Kennels

Caring, individual attention in a peaceful and beautiful rural setting

We are located on the Devon/Cornwall border just outside of Plymouth. To us, it's the best place in the world for a holiday!

Fees from £22 per day

Small Dogs: £22
Medium Dogs: £24
Large Dogs: £26
Giant Dogs: £28

Small Dogs £22  ☀️   Medium Dogs £24  ☀️   Large Dogs £26  ☀️   Giant Dogs £28

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View of kennels building on a sunny day
Kennel safety corridor after cleaning
Kennels sleep area
Kennels exercise run

A Dog's Holiday?

A holiday for dogs is all about being active, playing in the sunshine with their paws on real grass, having fun, making new friends, sniffing new smells, being somewhere different.

We're a familiar place to come back to and meet up with old friends. There's always something to watch and be interested in. Or just being lazy, having a snooze and recharging, ready to go again!

We provide new daily adventures that dogs can't have at home.

We are fully committed to providing the best possible care for every dog boarding with us.

What our dog holidays look like:

Caring and Friendly

With just 18 Kennels and plenty of individual time for each dog in a peaceful rural setting, our kennels are ideal for dogs requiring a more caring service with individual attention.

It's simple: having fewer dogs here means a calmer and quieter place and most importantly - we are friendly, caring and welcoming.

Oh, Wonderful!

We know it's very emotional leaving your dog, but we find joy in sending you updates and putting your mind at ease by showing you how much fun they are having.

We are always talking to our dog guests.

Dog jumping up  towards the camera and us joyfully

Our Staff

Knowledge and Experience:

I have worked (and played!) with dogs all my life and absolutely adore them. I have 5 dogs of my own, all ages and varying breeds and love to take care of our guests.

It's vital to me that dogs feel loved, cared for and safe when they are with us.

All of our staff are trained in Animal First Aid and have qualifications in Animal Care. You can meet us and find out more About Us here.

We love to give one-to-one time and we pay attention to the details that make every guest happy. Just Visit Us on Facebook to see what's going on right now.

Winnie happy here







Sleepy Time

Different Options

We provide fold-down benches to let the dogs sleep or play in different places and levels. Baskets and comfy continental quilts are available to every dog staying with us.

There's always a treat at bedtime too!

Because we have fewer kennels, the dogs can see/hear us all the time and have continual company - just how we like it!

Centrally heated throughout. Special attention is given to heating depending on your dog's needs.

The kennels are warm and dry and dogs get 3 exercise periods as well as access to their outside run whenever they want during the day.

It is important to us to spend quality time on a one-to-one basis with your dog.

Three dogs sitting together on their pile of comfy dog beds and throws
A dog lying in his corner bed on a faux fur cushion and soft throw
Three small dogs cuddling in bed

Comfort Items

We want to help your dog relax and feel settled quickly and more at home with us.

Bringing your dog's favourite and familiar things is such an easy way to bring comfort.

We all love our home comforts, don't we?

So, we encourage you to bring your dog's favourite items to help settle them in as quickly as possible.

This can be anything, from their own bedding and toys and an item from you or home to comfort them, plus of course your own food and treats if you would like.

Cute dog stretching on faux fur bed


Dogs get an unprecedented amount of attention with us, including lots of garden time. There's always a treat after exercise too!

Exciting news for later this year, we are in the process of creating 3 more ENORMOUS secure play areas, which will all be fully enclosed to allow dogs to play off-the-lead to their hearts content.

We let the dogs out for 3 exercise sessions daily, which they love. They all made it clear they adore getting out MORE often, so that's what we do.

2 dogs running towards the camera
2 dogs running together
1 dog running

Play Time

Off The Lead

As well as exercising our guests 3 times a day, we also let them play off the lead in our secure play areas.

Freedom !

We play with the dogs using their favourite toys such as frisbees, balls and ropes.

We provide one-to-one company and it gives us all so much more joy.

Fun !

Dog playing ball and waiting for it to be thrown
Dog carrying ball
Dog throwing toy up into the air with joy


We offer continuity of care. Our staff have been with us from 3 to 10+ years. You can learn more About Us here.

We have leading individuals from the RSPCA, breed rescues and dog handlers from Devon and Cornwall Police who choose us to care for their pets.


We offer dogs a top range of food from our kitchen, including the raw food diet.


We are trained to administer every kind of medication, including injections and tricky tablets!

We have our vet on call 24/7.


We offer a drama-free, tranquil environment for pets, separate from the more bouncy, happy-go-lucky ones.

We specialise in caring for more nervous and anxious dogs and are set up to provide that extra bit of care and attention for their needs.

Cute small dog lying on grass paws up


During 2020 we undertook a major overhaul of the whole site to make our security even better. We have new high fencing, new wrought iron gates, and CCTV all around which will alert us immediately to any problem.

Gentian Hill is also our home and naturally, we live on site and have clear views to the kennels and cattery.

It will reassure you to know that we are in a rural setting well off the beaten track and have NEVER had a pet escape.

Goldilocks Kennels

Yes - we try to get things 'just right' for our guests.

We provide just the right level of play, attention and exercise to help your dog stay calm and happy and interested in watching what's going on.

And there is always a variety of things going on here! With us, other guests, owners visiting, wildlife, scenic views, country air and big skies - with rainbows!

Dog playing with Kong toy

Dog Health


We carefully administer medication, jabs, tablets and care to your specification.


Your dog MUST have up-to-date inoculation cards, to be shown on arrival and kept on site until you collect your pet. You must bring it with you when checking in or we cannot accept your dog.

No Nasties!

Your dog MUST have been wormed and had an effective flea and tick treatment.

We just want to keep everyone healthy.

Cute dog with paws up on my legs

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